The Great iPad 3 Wait

Live updates from the Burlingame Apple Store

In order to get some third generation iPads into the Tandem house and into the hands of Tandem companies, Michael will be reporting from the front lines all morning of the iPad 3 launch. He’ll be posting updates here with pictures and info from the rain soaked line at our local Burlingame Apple Store, one block away from Tandem. If you have any questions, or want to know if it’s worth it for you to join in the waiting, send Michael a tweet at @Michael_one or leave a comment in the post.


4:30am They’re taunting us with brand new iPads through the window.

5:30am The line is beginning to grow. Closing in on 50 soggy people waiting now in the rain.


6:40am The line continues to grow! Shorter line here in Burlingame than San Francisco though, apparently they already have hundreds.

6:45am Steve Wozniak has been spotted at an LA store (interview with Shira Lazar).

Video Source

7:30am Got our tickets! Almost iPad time.


8:30am Old iPad? Meet new iPad.

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