Gimmie Welcomes in GDC 2012: Part 1

Gimmie GDC

Last Wednesday night, Gimmie kicked off what is looking to be a massive GDC with an event focused on engagement in games. The event took place at Citizen Space in San Francisco, and drew a crowd of over 120 game developers and investors.

Panelists Jason Citron, Alex Marquez, and Sunil Bhargava, captured the audience’s attention with insights on the importance of game metrics to investors, and how to make a game that is engaging. Jason made sure to remind everyone that the whole point of a game is to engage and entertain the player, but that plays into one of the biggest reasons why metrics are so important: they give the developer an unbiased assessment of whether or not their game is actually fun, and help them determine what kinds of tweaks they can make to improve the experience.

Alex and Sunil also gave developers some perspective on what investors look for in the gaming industry. Alex talked about how VCs look for metrics that indicate future growth potential, and Sunil noted that while Tandem invests more in the teams of entrepreneurs themselves, he frequently helps companies determine the most important metrics to use when gauging the success of their business plans. Although the emphasis on metrics differs slightly from the seed stage up to series A and B, both agreed that engagement, and the tools to track engagement were critical for any mobile game or app.

Jason at Gimmie Mixer

Gimmie also made their real rewards platform proud by offering a ton of great prizes at the event including MusicSkins, Lyrix earjax, Cyderz iPhone cases, coupons for Milipower chargers, and an Xbox 360 for the winner of Gimmie’s hackathon that took place last week. They also promised that more events like this one will be in the pipeline, so if you missed out on this one, make sure to follow their updates to catch the next.

The Game Developer’s Conference officially starts today (March 5th) and runs to March 9th. Tandem and many of our companies will be at the event all week long. If you’d like to meet up with any of us, leave us a comment below, or send a tweet to @dougrenert.

And check out part 2 of this series for coverage of some of the games we got to see at Gimmie’s GDC event!

This post was contributed to by Michael Silverwood.

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